The process

The extrusion process of the composite wood requires a high technology knowledge but also a wide expertise, to supply an irreproachable quality. SYLNEO master the industrial process for more than 12 years. Our products are made in our factory near Nantes. We improve everyday our process and we keep innovating to propose products according to the actual trend but also according to the quality requirement of our customers.

The POWER PLUS technology, a new process generation developped by SYLNEO, allows our materials:

  • To limit the rise of temperature in case of heatwave

  • To be robust thanks to their mechanic properties

  • To have a good slip resistance, even on a wet surface

  • A high scratch resistance

The benefits of the SYLNEO WPC

The aestheticism: the composite wood confer an authentic aspect for your terrace, fence, and siding. Many colours are available to satisfy all your desires. The little extra? It does not dark under the UV and has no knots.

The comfort: even wet, the composite wood prevent all potential slips and you will be done with the splinters! High security!

Longevity and durability: ​The composite wood can praise to have a lifespan superior as the exotic wood, it does not split, it resists to fungus, to the termites,and even to the temperature variation.

An easy maintenance: You just need a scrubbing brush and soapy water to clean your composite terrace once a year, your composite wood will look as the first day you bought it !

Matériaux bois composite

Our materials

Our boards are produced using wood floor(60%) and polypropylene. The polymer used by SYLNEO gives the products high mechanical resistance properties unrivalled on the market.


Our wood fibre know-how prevents water uptake.


Our products are 100% recyclables and we use wood with the certification label PEFC from French sawmills.


The SYLNEO boards are guarantee for 20years.