Our sidings

The Made in France sidings from SYLNEO give unequalled charm to your construction’s projects. It also allows to renovate the outside of your house aged by the time.

SYLNEO allows you to choose between the finishes, the aspects and the contemporary colours that will seduce you.

Hardly expose to the climatic elements (dampness, UV…). Your siding has to have an excellent resistance through the time; this is why the SYLNEO products respond to the strict and the best quality certifications. Quality tests of our products are made according to the European norm WPC in 15534 and according to the certification FCBA CTB Decking/Cladding.

The benefits of composite wood are numerous:

  • A large choice of colouring

  • A good resistance to water

  • An excellent hardness of the surface

  • A resistance to the scratches

  • Good holding of the colours

  • A good adhesion on the surface

  • A thermosetting system

  • A fast cleaning, and anti-graffiti

  • Rot-resistant material

  • POWER PLUS technology

  • New generation of wood stained, high hardness

  • Guarantee 10 years of the holding of the wood stained (cracks, fragments, detachments)

  • Guarantee 20 years against termites, fungus, and soft rot.  

Our projects

wood composite cladding
wood composite cladding grey
wood composite cladding france
wood composite cladding nantes
wood composite cladding vendée
wood composite cladding fashion
wood composite cladding garage