SYLNEO has a network of installers, formed in our factory

SYLNEO solutions are exposed in many showrooms in the entire France and more and more in the international scale.

We analyse your projects to offer you a personalized solution for your needs.


SYLNEO is co-developing its new products with professionals, designers and specialists of the garden and landscaping products.

We study specific applicationsfor our industrial customers.

 Our expertise in the process allows us to study new application fields.


The quality test of our products are made according to the European norm WPC in 15534 and according to the reference FCBA CTB decking/cladding.

We test everyday : the colour weathering, the mechanical resistance, the slip resistance and the moisture resistance.

Sustainable development

Our products are 100% recyclable

We use wood with the certification label PEFC from French sawmills.

Our products are made in France with green energy

We do not use additives as glue or chlorine.

Our products are compatible with the norm HQE.