Our fences

The SYLNEO fences in composite wood mark, protect your property and preserve your intimacy while embellish your area. The POWER PLUS technology will offer you an exceptional resistance with a specific care about the aestheticism and a perfect finish. The EASY concept of the SYLNEO fence allows you to create your own design, according to your tastes:

  • Colouring

  • The Finish of the boards

  • The decorating board

  • The Shape of the decorating boards, and of the posts.

Thanks to the POWER PLUS technology, the SYLNEO fence resist to strong winds and have a good resistance against scratches. The composite wood is rot-resistant and its maintenance just need an annual cleaning. The composite fences are Made In France and are guarantee for 20 years against termites, xylophagous insects, and soft rot.

Our projects

fence mocha brown
Fence SYLNEO grey
Fence SYLNEO grey